Knowledge of the local market

When I met Cari I was immediately impressed with her knowledge of the local market compared to the other realtors I’d interviewed. Plus, I felt an easy chemistry with her.

The sale of the house had some emotional upheavals for me since it was my mother’s home, and I was selling long distance and it took over a year for me to empty the contents and get the house ready for sale. Cari was always warm and understanding of my challenges and never rushed me to get the house on the market even as I depended on her and her team to let the painter and other workers into the house when I couldn’t be in town. She was incredibly helpful and savvy in prioritizing how to make the house looks its best.

The house sold in a weekend, with multiple offers well over the asking price. After the offer was accepted, she was super efficient in getting a handyman, an electrician, and an HVAC technician to addressing the buyer’s requests.

Cari is great and I’d happily recommend her!

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