Remodeling your home? Pinterest to the rescue!

Two people recently asked me for advice on how to remodel parts of their house. One was doing a kitchen remodel; the other was remodeling her entire first floor.

Now, obviously, I’m not a designer, but they reached out because I know a lot of people who have bought a house in one condition, and eventually sold it in a much better condition.

The answer I gave them sounds really simple, but it’s very effective: Create a Pinterest board!

Download the Pinterest app, create a board called “New Kitchen” or “New Backyard” (or whatever) and get to pinning! Save all of your favorite ideas for future reference. You might even invite your spouse/partner to pin their ideas to the same board. It is so easy to have all of your ideas in one spot.

Then, when you decide who will do the work, you can easily share the board with them, too. You can literally ALL be on the same page. And that’s sure to make the remodeling process much easier!

– Cari

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