Home prices around the Tri-Cities rose by almost 10% in 2019, which is pretty high — but not really unusual for what we’ve seen locally in the past few years. 

But do you know which one of the Tri-Cities saw the biggest price appreciation last year? 

If you guessed Kennewick, congratulations!

Kennewick began the year with the lowest median prices of the Tri-Cities (plus West Richland), but home prices went up by just over $40,000 — the biggest gain of the four cities in both raw dollars and percentage. (That’s almost a 16% appreciation in one year.)

Here’s how home prices changed over the course of 2019 ion the Tri-Cities:

City-by0city median home prices

Kennewick ended the year with a median home price of $295K, jumping up to third place ahead of Pasco, which now has the least expensive homes in the Tri-Cities.

West Richland, meanwhile, had the most expensive homes all year long — that’s due in large part to all the new construction happening there, most of which are higher-end homes.

Meanwhile, Richland homes began and ended the year with the second-highest median prices in the area.

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