What an interesting six months it’s been in our market! Late last year, there were signs that our inventory problems were getting better — more homes were available to purchase, as you can see above (in red) with the trend peaking in January. And then we turned right back around into a period of tight inventory that continues today.

Meanwhile, the number of homes sold (in green) has been growing steadily since February. That’s common with this warmer weather — but it would be nice to see the number of available homes increasing at a similar rate so buyers could have more homes from which to choose. For now, our guidance for buyers is:

  • Be pre-approved before you start to search, so you can make an offer as soon as you find the right house.
  • Be prepared to make quick decisions on offers. The home you love but think about overnight may end up being bought by the family who saw it and moved faster.
  • Write a strong offer when you find the home you want.

As always, if you have questions about what’s happening in your city or neighborhood, call/text/email us any time!

– Cari